Rooh- Al- Kas


“The Ruh Al Khus oil of tranquility justifies asa title of khus attar. The attar oil is expected from vetiver roots flowers and grass. The aromatic vetiver grass and flower consists of near about 150 surgery molecules making their fragrance as sweet as sugar. It’s natural grassy sweet aroma has some fresh tinge of mint in it.”

Leave a little bit of you wherever you go with this Absolute Musk fragrance by Cherry’s.

Made with the prestigious wild black deer oil, this perfume oil blend is a class of its own. Made with highly concentrated pure, thick musk (20%-25% purity) extracted from the male deer glands gives it its superior rank.

The sensual blend of  deer musk with a subtle sandalwood base make this fragrance a heady nectar.  Its refined musky aroma has an impact of its own. A strong, powerful fragrance, Pure Musk Absolute redefines luxury.